Communications for companies and organisations in fisheries and the Blue Economy

Writing, editing and communications support

The professionals who work for Fishmedia know and understand fisheries topics and terminology and they are adept at communicating around the opportunities and challenges that characterise the Blue Economy. Their experience and enthusiasm help Fishmedia’s clients to communicate complex results, ideas and positions to their stakeholders.

Our services

We specialise in plain language writing and editing and the accurate presentation of technical information pertaining to fisheries and the Blue Economy.

We work with companies, multilateral organisations and specialised United Nations agencies, helping them to communicate effectively with their stakeholders.

Digital media

An in-depth understanding of fishing and the marine environment enables Fishmedia’s professionals to work productively with digital media creators. This film, created for the South African Deep-Sea Trawling Industry Association, presents the facts about trawling in South Africa. It was produced by Keyframe Studio, working closely with Fishmedia on script, storyboard and animation.
Strategic communications

Fishmedia works with its clients to provide strategic direction for all communication activities, ensuring they are aligned with stakeholder’s interests and needs and embrace all available channels of communication.      


We are experienced at following well-defined editorial and presentation guidelines to produce technical papers, circulars, scientific papers and reports.

Communications design

Our graphic designers are skilled and accurate. We produce logos and brand manuals, websites, brochures, annual reports, training materials, policy briefs, videos and more. 

What our clients say

“We are receiving a lot of congratulations for the excellent document produced. Without your and the graphic designer’s support we could not have achieved all this. Many thanks for your valuable work, it was a real pleasure to work together.”

FAO fisheries and information officer, Italy.

“I have learnt through experience to stick to reliable people. If it’s communications support, that’s Fishmedia.”

Western Indian Ocean Marine Science Association manager, Zanzibar, United Republic of Tanzania.

“This is a really impressive document; more importantly it is one that has been desperately needed. So many people make pronouncements about the industry and for listeners there is little of the important information easily available to verify the things they hear. This is clear, accurate and very well laid out. Congratulations!”

Academic, University of Cape Town, South Africa.

Who we have worked for

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